These 5 orphans came from La Butte de Morts. Mama was killed by a car crossing the highway that runs along the water's edge.
These are the Harvard twins. They were kept by a citizen for 12 weeks. They are very tame and must be together at all times. If you notice they are holding hands or touching each other at all times. They are in this small cage rather than the big Coondo because someone decided to poison the raccoons in their enclosures at the orphanage in the middle of the night..One became very ill and the other was mourning her so they were reunited after only 3 short days. They could not be apart as they kept calling to each other and both were becoming extremely depressed.
 They both finally rested once reunited. Sister hadn't groomed herself very well while not feeling well.
Each twin is using all four hannies to hold her sister's hannies. This twin is comforting her ill sister.
Only if the hooman race cared about these creatures as much as they care about each other. If only the hoomans could learn to co-exist with these beautiful creatures as well as they have been forced to learn to co-exist with the hoomans. Either give them back their habitats or learn to live with them and appreciate their importance on our Mother Earth.
Three babies approximately 4 weeks old had to be rescued from their den twenty feet up a tree. It was a great den in a wonderfully gnarly old tree. Mama was trapped and relocated by a local citizen who thought she was preventing her ill husband from being ravaged by raccoon diseases by walking through their yard. They regularly trap all the raccoons and don't consider one might be a mother with babies. These three have to be taught to drink a bottle. One was nearly totally dehydrated from being without mother up in the tree for nearly a week. There are no diseases that a raccoon can give the grass in Wisconsin. Nothing that your pet dog or cat hasn't already brought home to you.

Besides that fact, Mother Nature doesn't like a void. Another coonie will soon move into that great gnarly tree den and the cycle will continue until they quit trapping and relocating all the raccoons on that river's edge. it is a raccoon heaven there. Why can't they live on a river in a tree just because people see them? They didn't bother anybody and probably kept the mice and snake population down to nothing.

The Oconto County game warden transported these four to the orphanage at 3 weeks old, eyes still closed. Mother had made a nice little den in a boat in a storage locker in Green Bay. The boat was locked up and hauled to Crooked Lake {about 50 miles north} and mother was trapped inside with the kits for a week. She tore her way out and found rat poison to eat. The kits were placed in a HavAHart trap in a cardboard box for 24 hours to attempt to lure mama. All it accomplished was severely dehydrated neonates 36 hours later when they arrived. These photos are 2 weeks after their arrival. 
Shazbot... one of our educational raccoons who was poisoned in the middle of the night. She is still struggling and is getting worse. Hiway ... our other educational raccoon that was poisoned. After 14 days she is recovering slightly and finally beginning to eat.
These two 10 week old boys were found by a 75 year old gentleman in his yard. He left them alone for mama to retrieve but mama didn't return. One is missing an eye. Brother is watching out for him and protecting him. They are too small to survive on their own and would be caught by predators. A hawk was watching them when they were rescued by good citizens who care about our wildlife.
Triplets came in from Montello. Two singles arrived on the same day from different parts of the state. They have [after quarantine] integrated well and are one big happy litter of orphans now. Their ages run from 10-14 weeks of age. The "odd" colored one in the group is missing a toe. Two had been kept for several weeks while attempting to find somewhere to take them.  This will make their stay a little longer at the orphanage as they need to learn they are coonies and not dogs unless the triplets teach them well. 

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