You are walking along and you have 'found' a baby bird.  BEFORE assuming it is orphaned, let's check out a few things.
Is it naked, or downy?  Cup it in your hand to warm it, and try to find the nest.  It will be well hidden, perhaps on the ground in a grass tussock, in a bush, or in a tree.  It may be in a cavity (within a tree trunk, inside a building soffit/vent), and not visible. If it is daytime, move twenty feet away from the location the baby was found, sit down (still cupping the baby in your hands keeping it warm) and be quiet.  Observe the birds around for at least 30 minutes.  You will likely have better luck watching for and following the parents then just searching for the nest.  Replace the baby within the nest as soon as possible.  BIRDS HAVE NO SENSE OF SMELL, they will not reject a healthy baby.  If they toss it out again, there is something wrong with the baby - it's only chance is a vet or wildlife rehabilitator that specializes in these very delicate and labor intensive babies.
Does it have feathers?  Can it hop?  Does it have short, stumpy tail feathers?  DO NOT RESCUE, this is what we call a fledgling or brancher.  These are 'teenagers' not quite ready to 'drive' or fly yet, but very close.  Depending on the size of the bird it may take from two days to two weeks before it is ready to fly.  In this time it will strengthen it's muscles, and it's feathers will continue to grow.  If they waited in the nest for their feathers to mature the materials the nest is made from would damage the new feathers.
In the same way you cannot keep a toddler in a crib, a baby bird cannot remain in the nest forever.  It's parents will still continue to care for it on the ground, until it is old enough to care for itself.
But what about my/the neighbor's cat?  Unfortunately, cats are responsible (according to some reports) for the deaths of over 50 million songbirds annually.  But no more then we can take a human child from a parent 'because it might get hurt' we cannot take a baby bird from it's parents.  The negligent party here is those that allow their cats the dangerous privilege of roaming free.
***NOTE: The average life span of outdoor cats is four years.  This is due to disease, predation, intentional injury/poisoning, and while hunting they are not paying attention to things like roads and cars.  The average outdoor cat has double the annual vet bills due to these hazards.

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