Fundraiser for:
Dory and the Orphans Wildlife Orphanage Corp
-known as the Northwoods Wildlife Orphanage on FaceBook-

This one of a kind item -one of only two being auctioned off on eBay- has been touched by a coonie. If you have ever been touched by a coonie, you will want one of these.

The Wildlife Orphanage was established in 1998 in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. It is the only one of it's kind in 15 counties and receives numerous wild animals year round. No state or federal funding have ever been given to assist, but we do have to remain up to code {at our own expense}. Supplies used vary seasonally and never end. Many wildlife babies die before they make it to a professional rehabber due to the finders being told "let Mother Nature take it's course". More or less, "walk away and let it scream and die". Many citizens cannot listen to this screaming of baby wildlings and needed a helping hand. Online viagra 100mg was established to help cross that difficult bridge.

These denim shirts are from the three original test examples for the logo of the LBA. Each feature the state outline of Texas, Missouri and Wisconsin. They originated in Texas from a rehabber who purchased them gently used. They were then touched by coonies {Ticker 'n the girls}, then sent to Wisconsin. They made it to the far Northwoods to Lakewood where Edith Prigge worked her magic to design a logo for each state's LBA members as it had grown to over 600 nationally. We now have Canadian rehabbers as well.

Once completed in Lakewood, they travelled back to the Northwoods Wildlife Orphanage where they were promptly inspected by both Shazbot and Hiway ... thus again being touched by coonies. This is a rare one of a kind item and a one of a kind opportunity for you to help your native wildlife!

Texas outline is a denim child's size 7X 100% cotton with long sleeves.

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