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Date:   18 Mar 2007    Time:   07:47:37     

 Due to the recent rash of spam being put into Dory & the Orphans Guest Book, I will now have to approve each post individually. Please be patient, your post will be seen as soon as humanly possible.   Thanks for understanding how I need to keep that garbage away from the eyes of our young ones.

Date: 28 Nov 2006
Time: 09:38:08


Welcome to Dory & the Orphans new Guest Book.  November 28, 2006

We may have missed some comments due to the overwhelming amount of spam sent to the guest book. If this is the case, please email me directly -- contact us link is on the website. Thanks for understanding!!

Date: 28 Nov 2006
Time: 10:25:10


Hi ya, Frannie here. Whatta cuttie pie!

Date: 28 Nov 2006
Time: 10:32:52


Sure I can banter on for a few sentences about how cute this little coonie guy?? is. LOL, or is the snot sticking his toung out at me, he he. When was this picture taken? And who is it? he/she looks young or small for one of yours. What a poser too he is looking right at the camera. hope that was enough for you. Frannie

Date: 28 Nov 2006
Time: 10:42:19


Hey I'll ad another one for you as I told you my brain isn't functioning well today and I cannot spell to save my life. LOL I'll say it again this little buggar is sticking his TONGUE out at us, lol. Frannie

Note to Frannie:
Thanks for testing the Guest Book Frannie!

That's Little Mini in the pic, and yes, she's sticking her tongue out at you. She was having seizures when she came in due to the Good Samaritans that found her litter keeping them too long without knowing how to care for neonates. She was about 3 weeks old at intake and one of the original "Orphans" in Dory & the Orphans.

Mine are only huge after they've been here in rehab for a while. LOL


Date: 28 Nov 2006
Time: 22:14:16


Matzo, you do so much wonders for all the orphaned wildlife that pass your way. It's a privilage to know you my friend and fellow rehabber. And a wonderful site you have. Charlie
Note to Charlie:
Hugs and Kisses {tm}

Date: 29 Nov 2006
Time: 07:56:02


Oh my gosh! Matzo... You have some pretty babies...You do such a wonderful job KUDOS TO YOU! I stop in and watch your coon cam regularly and they are sweeties...I HAVE LEARNED ALOT JUST FROM WATCHING WHAT YOU DO. I split all of my pumpkins in 1/2 and threw the seeds and pumpkin out for the animals for the first time this year after seeing them in your webcam and they all come and eat from it and love it! I would have never guessed. The squirrels and coonies in particular... Thanks to you all these southern babies got a nice treat this year...=) Buy tretinoin online australia

Note to HayLucy:
Wow. That's a pretty cool compliment! Thanks for the moral support!! And thanks for taking care of those little southern coonies!!

Date: 20 Dec 2006
Time: 13:53:54


o think your website is great. because i love to see people that love and take good care of raccoons. They are really adorable to me. I feed several every night. I started out feeding the moma raccoon. She had 4 kits. They all continue to visit me. I like to find out all that i can about them. They are so gorgeous. I don't see how anyone could harm them. You all also have alot of cute pictures to show on your website. Thanks for all the information that you all share with millions of folks like myself.

Date: 20 Dec 2006
Time: 14:04:23


I have really been worried alot. As i was leaving home late one evening, aleady dark out, i hit a raccoon accidently. He got up and got out of road. About a month later, as I was feeding my usual family of coons, a different one came up with a hurt front foot. He can not use it, it has been two months all together and he is still holding it up not using it. I'm not for sure what I should do or even could do? I don't want him put to sleep, but I wish there was some way I could get him some medical help. I feed him every evening, and it really is so sad. *~ ANY SUGGESTIONS EMAIL ME AT WAMS59@YAHOO.COM~* A worried raccon lover

Date: 05 Jan 2007
Time: 09:48:32


Hi Matzo Steffie here love seeing your criitters play. Never can get enough of them.They are really growing up!!!You are doing a great job. Hugs nccoonmom3

Date: 01 Feb 2007
Time: 10:56:44


Thanks for all you do.I am a self styled rehabber in my limited way.Can't really say I am a rehabber, I help one with final releases but she handles the tough stuff. I just love raccoons and thought I was the only nut out there until I found the coon site.I read everything that is said and try to learn as much I can.I live around the fort knox/Louisville area. anything I could ever do please ask. Again thanks for all you do.

Date: 08 Feb 2007
Time: 08:27:23


It's wonderful to know how you care for all these precious little babies!! I love wildlife. I have a racoon with an injured right hind leg that comes to eat in my backyard. We live in the residential, so I worry about him.He comes here during the daytime hours, but is not acting strangely. (as sick with rabbies etc.) I just wish he was out in the country where it is more natural for him, he moves pretty good, but slow. He has to rest because of the hind leg.He has made his home under a porch, across the street from us. A worried animal

Date: 08 Mar 2007
Time: 20:37:40


What's the story on the crack babies? Is that a raccoon -- the picture at the bottom labled "crack baby"? Looks more like a squirrel. Why do you call it / them crack babies? I must be missing something. Hopefully mother raccoons aren't really doing crack. Dory is a so cute looking at the camera (above) What a little stink pot!.

Note to poster:
The Crack Babies story is told in the text boxes on the right hand side of the CoonCam page Order metacam online - canada

The picture at the bottom IS a red squirrel. That's Arwyn. Arwyn's story is in the box above the Crack Babies story. I labeled the photo now. Thanks for pointing out the confusion!

Date:        30 Mar 2007
Time:        05:56:21


I love what you do!!  Spreading the word!

Date:        30 Mar 2007
Time:        14:04:54



This posting concerns the story about Logan, the coatimundi who was captured at the homeless shelter in Albany, NY. 
The brief news story below appeared in the employee newsletter for St. Catherine's Center for Children, which operates 
the shelter where Logan was found. The newsletter was published before we learned that he had been sent to North Carolina 
for care.  Needless to say, it warmed all of our hearts to hear that Logan was being cared for. We wish him all the best!

-Brian Bell, Director of Community Relations
St. Catherine's Center for Children
Albany, NY

What, you ask, is a coatimundi? I was blissfully unaware of the existence of such a thing until just a few weeks ago, and 
was quite content in my ignorance. But that was before I got the phone call.  
*  *  *
A coatimundi is a member of the raccoon family. It has a long, pointed snout, bear-like paws, and a tail that can grow up to 
two-feet. A coatimundi is a climber, often sleeping or taking refuge in trees. It is native to South and Central America, and 
can also be found in the American southwest. Coatimundis are quite intelligent and can be kept as pets, but with their sharp 
teeth and long claws—not to mention the odd chattering noise they make—you wouldn’t want an unplanned encounter with
one.  Just ask Sonya Barker at Marillac.
*  *  *
“Hey Brian, we’ve got a situation here.” The phone call came from Louisa Marra, Director of Marillac. 
“There’s an animal in one of our rooms,” she continued. “Sonya Barker found it. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but it’s 
one of the strangest things we’ve ever seen around here—and we’ve seen a lot of strange things. We took a picture of it. 
Do you want me to send it to you?”
“Sure,” I said. Thus began my education on the exotic coatimundi. How the coatimundi came to Marillac is a long and 
complicated story, best related by Sonya or Louisa. Let’s just say his  arrival was covert, aided by a client who hopes to 
become a veterinarian some day. That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it. Sonya was shocked when she discovered the 
coatimundi lounging in one of Marillac’s units (the client was out shopping, and Sonya was investigating reports of unusual
noises coming from the room). 
The coatimundi eventually escaped from the unit—but not before the Polaroid photo at the right was snapped—and began 
scampering about the Pine Bush surrounding Marillac.
The police were called, but they wanted nothing to do with the escapee. An animal specialist was brought in, and volunteers 
worked to catch him using fruit and mice as bait. 
“We set some traps to catch him,” said Louisa. “We actually caught a kitten, but I was afraid we might trap a skunk, too.” 
 In the meantime, “Cody”—that’s what they  named him—was spotted in trees, chattering, whooping, and generally having 
a good time at the expense of the folks he was eluding. There was concern about whether he would survive in the Pine Bush 
after the St. Patrick’s Day snowstorm. As word got out about Cody, the number of volunteers looking for him grew.  
“It was crazy,” said Louisa. “We had grown adults—some of us who grew up in the city—chasing through the woods 
looking for Cody. Frankly, we were worried he might
die before we could catch him.”
The story has a happy ending. Cody was finally captured a week after his escape. Staff and searchers were overjoyed. 
One of his paws was slightly injured, but he was in good shape considering his ordeal in the Pine Bush. Cody will see a 
veterinarian before  he heads to a new home. 
“It really is a story about hope,” said Louisa. “We didn’t give up our search for Cody, and now he is safe.”
We always knew Marillac offers hope to families, and now we know they even care about exotic animals….
Note: Could you please email Matzo a copy of the photo?
Visit Logan's Page to read the rest of the story.

Date:        01 Apr 2007
Time:        11:48:51


It's sure nice to know that I am not the only person who cares about and raises *lil coonies*!  I am in Canada 
and just waiting for someone to tell me that there is a *lil* needing care.  I was just wondering if there were 
other's like me in Canada and where they are.  
Note to poster: There are several Canadian Rehabbers in various Provinces in Buy meldonium online uk -- our Raccoon Rescue group listed on 
Dory & the Orphans page..

Date:        04 Apr 2007
Time:        10:18:22


Thanks for keeping us all posted on Logan and thanks for all your help with our
native wildlife.  I've learned so much from you and keep up the good work Lady!!!

Also, to the good Doc caring for Logan, Thanks for all you've done for the little
dude.  He sure is a real trooper.


Date:        16 Apr 2007
Time:        20:28:19


Thank you Matzo for all your care to Daisy!!!  You are a wonderful person to do such
great care.  When Daisy is released I will sure miss her on the coon cam!  Wonderful
website to be able to visit and see your animals!!  Thanks for your wonderfull work!!
It is appreciated by us animal lovers.
Jim and Lori LeGrave

Note to Lori -  Thank you for bringing Daisy to the Coondo! I'm still not so confident she'll be leaving on the soon to be Big Adventure with the Crack Babies. But it doesn't matter. I do love sweet Daisy dearly and she can take as long as she wants. I will get an educational permit for her if she doesn't release soon. The CoonCam has been down but should be up and running again soon thanks to Bill.

Date:        20 Apr 2007
Time:        13:43:57


Hey, little fierce Logan...we haven't forgotten about you and think about you every
day.  We're just waiting for Uncle Sam (you probably don't know him) to send our
Mom's tax refund.  (We're taxing, too, but we don't give refunds!)  Please keep
sending the blog messages and we'll keep sending good vibes and our Mom will send
more as soon as she can.
The Hiss, Bite and Swat Team

Date:        24 Apr 2007
Time:        07:18:47


Steve in N.Y., Found two babies a week ago I figure about about 2 to3 weeks .a
little boy&girl both seem OK. I'm feeding kitten milk 4 or 5 times a day. Big job
but raised one many tears ago. Question Where can I take them in finger lakes area
for worming & shots? thanks

Note: As far as I am aware, it is illegal to raise coonies in New York without a permit, 
and keepers are not allowed. Please email me so we can get a better location and get a 
rehabber to help you.

Date:        27 Apr 2007
Time:        01:20:31


I love the setup you have. As a fellow rehabber from Michigan I admire the work and
love that you have put in to your place for the coons. I really like the web cam!
Keep up your wonderful work. Yvonne

Date:        28 Apr 2007
Time:        17:39:21


Hey, Logan...everything OK with you, little guy?  We haven't heard anything for a
while and we're a little worried.  Mom says you're fine but just don't have time for
blogging all the time, what with healing, eating and trashing your cage.  We sure
can't wait to see you out of that e-collar!  Hope you're just busy doing official
imp stuff.
The Hiss, Bite and Swat Team

Note to Hiss, Bite and Swat Team:
Sorry I got behind on the updates. Spring birthing season is going nuts and babies are coming in everywhere. Be patient, I'll get caught up. Logan is doing incredible!

Date:        01 May 2007
Time:        15:31:08



Note: Would this be "my" beautiful grand-daughter Guin? I have tiny coonie babies now Guinnie! 
Their eyes are still closed. When are you coming over to help me?

Date:        12 May 2007
Time:        21:01:31


Geez, Logan, we are so NOT bored with your updates!!!  But we don't have much to say
back except you keep on keepin' on, little guy.  You don't want to hear stuff like,
"Yeah, Beau pooped a real poop today so Mom was all excited and wanted to bronze the
stupid thing."  We figured you were afraid to make a break for the computer with
that other critter around.  We saw the picture and it looks a lot like a cat thing,
but BIG.  Mom is still waiting for Uncle Sam and is getting kind of nervous that she
might get audited, whatever that is.  VERY good to hear that you're doing so well!
Please give Doc Sandy a kiss for all of us so she knows how much we appreciate all
the time and love and good care she's giving you.  (A kiss is like a bite but
without the teeth.  Try it - two-leggers give you all kinds of good treats when you
kiss them!)
Love you!
The Hiss, Bite and Swat Team

Date:        13 May 2007
Time:        01:55:01


Hi My Name Is ivanqp.

Date:        15 May 2007
Time:        09:17:36


hey i love your baby raccon pictures and i hope that you love my comments and i hope
that you will be able to write me back and tell me what you think....... so what
happens if u get bit by a raccon???  well hey i g2g shorty is out bye 
NOTE {good question - thank you!}:
There are many factors involved if you are bitten by a raccoon. If it is a wild raccoon, it should be 
reported immediately, and the raccoon should trapped or shot for testing {avoid injuring the head}. 
The head needs to be examined at a lab using ultraviolet rays. That is the only way rabies can be 
confirmed. The bitten person should be taken to the emergency room for treatment and possible 
series of rabies immunization shots.
If a raccoon is being rehabbed by a rehabilitator, you shouldn't be anywhere near those raccoons 
that you could get bitten. No one without the proper licensing or permission should have a wild raccoon 
in their possession. If this is a 'pet' raccoon, it should have up to date rabies immunizations similar to 
domestic dogs and cats. Only a licensed individual with wildlife knowledge should administer shots as 
they are not the same as dogs and cats shots.
Bottom line is, pets or wild, raccoons bite. And they bite hard. Their jaws clamp and they hold on and 
shake their heads. It is painful and can be compared to getting in the way of a living chain saw. They 
cannot be trained like a pet dog or cat, and have a mind of their own. If you choose to live with a raccoon, 
it is a 20 year commitment of living with a 2 year old child with a temper. If you choose to live with a wild 
raccoon in a State where it is illegal, you face serious consequences {besides risking the very life
of the raccoon} ranging from fines, jail time, homeowner's insurance cancellations, health problems such 
as tuberculosis and even blindness and death from the Baylisascaris roundworm.
Please turn over any wild raccoons that are found {not the ones who are not in danger or not orphaned -- only 
those who are injured, are truly orphans, or need help} to a licensed wildlife rehabber. If it is legal to have a 
raccoon as a pet in your State, get a 'pet' raccoon from a licensed breeder to ensure your family's health and safety.
Dory & the Orphans Buy clomid online uk has a lot of info on the different issues.

Date:        15 May 2007
Time:        18:16:55


Hi Logan- My Aunt, Joyce Perry, is one of the ever so kind people that helped rescue
you... I am so glad you are doing so well. I have followed your progress and am so
happy there are kind people out there willing to help... Keep those cute pics
coming.... Glad to see the naked feet!!!

Date:        15 May 2007
Time:        21:30:28


YAAAAAAAY!!!!  It's just SO WONDERFUL to see you without the e-collar!!!  Hey,
Logan, you're really a cute little dude!  No offense, but you looked a little weird
with the satellite dish effect.  Plus there were those rumours about you being a spy
from outer space - which we didn't pay any attention to at all, of course, but
still...  It's a great day, Logan!  You be a good boy and don't mess wth any of your
"feet" so you won't have to get woozy again and you can just go about being a
curious little Coati.  And don't forget LOTS AND LOTS of kisses for Doc Sandy!  (No
teeth - practice, practice!)
Love you!
The Hiss, Bite and Swat Team

Date:        16 May 2007
Time:        10:57:34


I just came from a wonderful visit and feeding of Leon, a month old baby coon who
still hasn't opened his eyes.  It is such a tender sight to see Matzo's incredibly
loving hands with him and how beautifully she is caring for him.

What a blessing to care for life!!  Keep us posted on his eyes Matzo.  Hey, this
will make a great home school science lesson.... Maybe with MORE field trips?? ; )
Thank you Gina! Doc Sandy has been helping out with Leon's eyes as well {via long distance -- North Carolina -- } ... gotta love the networking that can be done with technology and digital cameras!! He is showing improvement each day and isn't he just the tiniest little guy? Up to 320 grams now. His sisters are just over a pound each. Tell the kids I will try to start updates on these litters on Dory & the Orphans main page. Seems the monster sized boys the church lady's school bus found are due to be updated for those kids too! Having to feed somebody every three or four hours doesn't leave a lot of time to do updates for now though. Please be patient with me :^)

Leon and his happy meal toy.
Altoids tin for size.

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Date:        05 Jun 2007
Time:        13:40:29


Hi grandma its me michaela it is really fun to watch your coonies on the coon cam it
is awsome
Date:        05 Jun 2007
Time:        13:45:20


Its me again i cant wait tell i get to come over and help u with the baby coonies

NOTE: Love you Pipsqueak

Thought I'd share this email I received from a Middle School Principal in Missouri:  ~Matzo

Please know that a young Lewis County, Missouri child died from Ehrlichiosis, the same tick-borne bacterial disease that infected
our assistant principal, Brooke Kelly. My research into this infection indicates that a mild to fatal condition occurs that can include
any or all of the following symptoms: flu like conditions, extended fever, muscle aches, organ malfunction, and decreased immune
system functions.

See a physician immediately when any of these symptoms follow a tick attachment.

The bacteria is known to be carried by all three types of ticks in Missouri, the American Dog Tick (our most common tick), the Deer
Tick (the smaller tick sometimes known as a Seed Tick or Blacklegged Tick), and the Lone Star Tick (a tick with one prominent white
spot on its back).

It was recently reported in the Columbia Daily Tribune that "Missouri has one of the highest rates of diagnosed ehrlichiosis in the
country, possibly the world."

Remove an attached tick immediately when found. The best removal technique uses a pointed set of tweezers gripping the tick's head,
removing the complete tick including the head and mouth parts, being careful not to squeeze the tick's abdomen which could force
bacterial infected blood from the tick back into your skin. Place the tick in a zippered plastic bag in a freezer. The frozen tick may be
useful to medical lab technicians in disease diagnosis.

Ken Treaster,
Hannibal Middle School

Date:        15 Jun 2007
Time:        13:29:05


NOTE: I have responded to the private email address you have sent me, but I don't understand 
at all what you mean. If you could please contact me back and explain further, it would be appreciated.

Date:        16 Jun 2007
Time:        19:07:29


I am happy to read all this succes: you deserve it completely. Proud to work
with you in Boston, next june. Please, take all the good thoughts streaming
from my heart to you...

Date:        17 Jun 2007
Time:        10:47:52


Hey, Logan, it's good to hear from you little fierce guy!  You do look extreeeemely
handsome in your portrait!  Good news on our end - the Uncle Sam guy finally came
through with Mom's tax refund and she says we can send some to you!  Not exactly to
you, 'cause you'd blow it all on roaster chicken and fruit salad and not pay all the
other big bills.  So she wants us to ask who to make a check out to and where to
send it - not sure if it should go to Doc Sandy (thank you, Doc Sandy) or LAAF or
Keep on keepin' on, Logan...and try to be better on the leash 'cause you'll get to
have more fun!
Love you - 
The Hiss, Bite and Swat Team

NOTE: Donations