Hammocks for Coonies
and other small critters that love `em
Coonie tested and Matzo approved

Lightweight denim fabric is doubled. this size features snap hooks to attach to the cage. Measures 22" X 25".

These are extremely sturdy and will last long with proper care.


An industrial sized roll of this fabric was donated to the Wildlife Orphanage in return for making a huge dog 'bed' for a Rottweiler. It is a very sturdy lightweight denim type of  fabric that is light grey sporting splashes of various colored paint. Machine washable and with my new design the heavy duty snap hooks are simply removed for laundering.

Photos of real coonies testing real coonie hammies

We are a licensed Non-Profit Wildlife Rescue
WI DFI #DO46361 
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Smaller sizes are available but do not have the snap hooks.

10" X 10"  for small critters                     $7.50
17" X 17" with velcro ties                        $11.95
22" X 25" with snap hooks                     $24.95


         Kennel pillow-pads for carriers
Fits kitten carrier                                     $9.95
Fits medium 19" X 24" dog carrier     $14.95
Fits large  26" X 34" dog carrier         $18.95

Custom sizes made to order.

Matching hook-on privacy curtains available.

Shipping cost calculated by location. We ship Internationally.

Kennel Pillow-Pad

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17" X 17" version

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