Logan's Run

Here you can read the stories the humans have to tell about how they were involved in my rescue, and why I had to be rescued. None of this should have ever happened to me, and it was not my fault it did. But I am the one paying for all of the mistakes. After reading these things, I sincerely hope you think and do loads of research BEFORE you go buy that cute little furry pet out of your local pet store!        ~Logan the Survivor

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Talk to you later
Sarah Unger NYS Wildlife Rehabilitator
Fed Migratory bird rehabilitator
Working in the fields of avian medicine and behavior since 1990

My name is Joyce Perry. I am the person who headed up the rescue of Logan. I was able to find others to pitch in and help and I spent many days out in the snow 2 ft. deep here in Albany, NY.  
The pet store was in Endicott, NY and I am working with NYDEC special licenses to see if there is anything we can do to them. This was an irresponsible act not only on their part but the owner who let him go because he knew he was in trouble when Logan was found in his room.  The Animal control officer arrived 3 hours after the call from the staff..by then the owner had sneaked in the back and let the animal out the window.   Animal Control called me (I am a Licensed Rehabber , Fed and State I also belong to North Country Wild Care).  By then Logan was running like crazy..I can't imagine how frightened he must have been. ,
We tried desperately to capture Logan for days hoping to get him in before the storm and then we had a very bad storm.  I was out in the sleet and the ice looking for Logan but no luck and the storm grew worse. The next day the mammal curator at the state museum came and tracked him for me...we saw him for a second in another location so we set traps in both areas with lots of smelly goodies. I caught 1 kitten and 3 squirrels. The house staff and another rescuer and  a nuisance wildlife officer all pitched in. We scheduled visits to traps and closed them down at night so no animal would freeze at night.  It was brutally cold and icy.
We were ecstatic when we found Logan in the trap after 8 days of wandering the woods and brush in knee deep snow.  Everything was on hold until we found Logan.
Joyce Perry
Albany, NY (Upstate NY)

This message was posted on Dory & the Orphans Guest Book. Thought it should be in Logan's Run as well.


This posting concerns the story about Logan, the coatimundi who was captured at the homeless shelter in Albany, NY. The brief news story below appeared in the employee newsletter for St. Catherine's Center for Children, which operates the shelter where Logan was found. The newsletter was published before we learned that he had been sent to North Carolina for care.  Needless to say, it warmed all of our hearts to hear that Logan was being cared for. We wish him all the best!

-Brian Bell, Director of Community Relations
St. Catherine's Center for Children
Albany, NY

What, you ask, is a coatimundi? I was blissfully unaware of the existence of such a thing until just a few weeks ago, and was quite content in my ignorance. But that was before I got the phone call. 
*  *  *
A coatimundi is a member of the raccoon family. It has a long, pointed snout, bear-like paws, and a tail that can grow up to two-feet. A coatimundi is a climber, often sleeping or taking refuge in trees. It is native to South and Central America, and can also be found in the American southwest. Coatimundis are quite intelligent and can be kept as pets, but with their sharp teeth and long claws—not to mention the odd chattering noise they make—you wouldn’t want an unplanned encounter with one.  Just ask Sonya Barker at Marillac.
*  *  *
“Hey Brian, we’ve got a situation here.” The phone call came from Louisa Marra, Director of Marillac.  “There’s an animal in one of our rooms,” she continued. “Sonya Barker found it. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but it’s one of the strangest things we’ve ever seen around here—and we’ve seen a  lot of strange things. We took a picture of it. Do you want me to send it to you?”
“Sure,” I said. Thus began my education on the exotic coatimundi. How the coatimundi came to Marillac is a long and complicated story, best related by Sonya or Louisa. Let’s just say his  arrival was covert, aided by a client who  hopes to become a veterinarian some day. That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it.
Sonya was shocked when she discovered the coatimundi lounging in one of Marillac’s units (the client was out shopping, and Sonya was investigating reports of unusual noises coming from the room).
The coatimundi eventually escaped from the unit—but not before the Polaroid photo at the right was snapped—[sorry - no picture was sent with the post] -- and began scampering about the Pine Bush surrounding Marillac.
The police were called, but they wanted nothing to do with the escapee. An animal specialist was brought in, and volunteers worked to catch him using fruit and mice as bait.
“We set some traps to catch him,” said Louisa. “We actually caught a kitten, but I was afraid we might trap a skunk, too.”
 In the meantime, “Cody”—that’s what they  named him—was spotted in trees, chattering, whooping, and generally having a good time at the expense of the folks he was eluding. There was concern about whether he would survive in the Pine Bush after the St. Patrick’s Day snowstorm. As word got out about Cody, the number of volunteers looking for him grew.   “It was crazy,” said Louisa. “We had grown adults—some of us who grew up in the city—chasing through the woods looking for Cody. Frankly, we were worried he might die before we could catch him.”
The story has a happy ending. Cody was finally captured a week after his escape.
Staff and searchers were overjoyed. One of his paws was slightly injured, but he was in good shape considering his ordeal in the Pine Bush. Cody will see a veterinarian before  he heads to a new home.
“It really is a story about hope,” said Louisa. “We didn’t give up our search for Cody, and now he is safe.”
We always knew Marillac offers hope to families, and now we know they even care about exotic animals….


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